The Tasmanian Theatre Awards are managed and presented by the Theatre Council of Tasmania (TCT). They celebrate excellence and achievement in theatre throughout Tasmania, with over 30 awards offered across three categories:

1. Professional Theatre
2. Community Theatre
3. Musical Theatre

Registered theatre productions are assessed during a single calendar year (1 January to 31 December), with nominations announced early the following year ahead of the Awards event in around late February or early March.


When you register your production for the Awards you confirm that:

  • The producer/company staging your production is a current financial organisation member of TCT.

  • Your production is being produced by a Tasmanian-based producer/company and is being performed within this State.

  • If you’re registering in the Community Theatre or Musical Theatre category, your production includes a minimum of five (5) performances OR at least two (2) performances that take place on separate weekends.

  • You'll provide each judge with two (2) tickets and a program (if available) for judging purposes. There are five judges on each of the judging panels. Judges will book their tickets directly with the person you nominate as the contact for your production. 

  • You have secured any licence required to publicly perform the production from the author of the work or their agent.

  • Upon request, you'll provide us with electronic and/or hard copies of your poster, program and on-stage photos, and you agree that TCT may use any of these materials for judging and/or promotional purposes.

  • The members of your cast and production team understand and accept their automatic inclusion for the full range of Tasmanian Theatre Awards (note that individuals involved in your production don’t have to be current TCT members).

To register your production, simply submit the online registration below with as much notice as possible, but at least six weeks prior to your show opening.

Once we receive your registration we'll get in touch with you to provide further information about requirements for the assessment process. TCT aims to increase audience participation across Tasmania and seeks your support in offering TCT individual members a special or concession ticket price.

You may not register a production that has previously been assessed for the Awards in a prior year or years unless it is a new production (rather than a restaging of a previously produced work).


The judges on our Professional Theatre, Community Theatre and Musical Theatre panels bring a high level of skill and experience to their roles, gained over many years working within the performing arts sector. They take on considerable responsibility, not only for the amount of time they volunteer in travelling around Tasmania to complete their assessments but also for the professional, considerate and ethical manner in which they undertake this role. 

Each judging panel operates independently of the other two and is responsible for the assessment of all productions registered within their particular Awards category. TCT policy requires that no member of a particular panel can be personally involved in, or connected to, any production that comes before that panel for assessment during the judging period. Where any conflict of interest might occur, a judge will stand aside from the panel and all judging in that year.

TCT has approved a set of Judging Guidelines, which provide a range of common criteria that can be referenced by individual judges as they assess various productions throughout the year.

Production companies are asked to refrain from seeking individual judges' assessments following a particular production.

Scripts nominated for the Outstanding New Writing award are assessed by a separate panel through TCT’s partnership with the Australian Script Centre.

Registration for the 2020 Tasmanian Theatre Awards

To register a production you must be an organisation member of the Theatre Council of Tasmania. If your organisation is not currently a member, click here to join TCT.

If you are already a TCT organisation member, please fill in the form below. If registering more than one production, you will need to fill out the form again for each additional one.

A registration fee of $100 applies to every production entered for the Tasmanian Theatre Awards. We’ll invoice you for this amount following registration.

If you have any questions, contact us.



Production Details
Your company must be a current TCT organisation member to register your production.
Award Category *
Please list all performance dates and the start time for each performance. IMPORTANT: Community Theatre and Musical Theatre production seasons must include at least 5 performances in total OR at least 2 performances that take place on separate weekends.
If any role has a main performer and an alternate/understudy who appears in a relatively small number of shows, please specify which performances will feature the main performer. Our judges will assess the main performer only. Where a role is shared equally, those performers are unable to be assessed for individual performances awards.
Provide the names of performers who are to be considered for Outstanding Leading Performance awards. All other performers in your production will automatically be considered for Outstanding Supporting Performance awards.
Promotional Information
The information you provide can be used by TCT to promote your production.
Please provide a brief description (maximum 100 words) of your production. Please also provide an image to that we can use to promote your production.
Please advise of the approximate running time of your show, whether there are any intervals, age suitability restrictions or warnings about language, content, smoke or lighting effects.
Are you willing to offer discounted tickets to TCT's individual members? If so, please confirm the terms of your offer (e.g. TCT members at concession prices) and that you will provide this advice through your ticketing website, box office and/or wherever tickets may be purchased.
Please list any other relevant information you'd like us to know. This information will not be made public.
Contact Details
Contact Person *
Contact Person
This is the person who our judges will contact to arrange tickets and from whom TCT will seek nominations, promotional material and any other information we require in relation to your registration.