Marta Dusseldorp and Ben Winspear

Marta Dusseldorp and Ben Winspear

Marta Dusseldorp and Ben Winspear

Award-winning actress Marta Dusseldorp has worked extensively in theatre, film and television and is one of Australia’s most recognised actresses. She has a wealth of experience on stage and is well known for her film and television appearances, which include Janet King, A Place to Call Home and the Jack Irish series.

Ben Winspear originally hails from Tasmania and has an impressive list of theatre, television and film credits. He received the 2009 Helpmann Award for Best Male Actor in a Play, and is the former Resident Director of Sydney Theatre Company and a former Associate Artist for Griffin Theatre Company.

We are delighted that Marta and Ben are supporting the Theatre Council of Tasmania as our patrons.

Applause for our past Inaugural Patrons - Garry McDonald and Diane Craig

Garry McDonald and Dianne Craig

Husband and wife for over 40 years, Garry and Diane love theatre, they love Tasmania and are delighted to bring both loves together in becoming the very first patrons of the Tasmanian Theatre Awards.

“It’s no exaggeration to say we owe Tassie a lot”, says McDonald. “Diane and I fell in love on the stage of the Theatre Royal in Hobart and so we’re always delighted to come back and contribute in any way we can. I’m particularly interested to see what’s happening in theatre here now and to be part of honouring that.”

Diane Craig shares some of her passion for theatre when she says, “After more than forty years in the performing arts industry, we have seen what a powerful and important contribution theatre makes across Australia. It brings people together; it enriches and challenges; it invites us to reflect and leaves us in a better place because of the experience.”