How do we register our show for the Tasmanian Theatre Awards?

Click here to find all the information about eligibility to enter the Awards. Once you’ve confirmed your production meets all the requirements, just complete and submit the online registration form. We’ll send an email acknowledgment to you as soon as possible, usually within a few days.

How early should we register?

Please register as early as possible, but at least six weeks prior to your show opening. If your production has a short season we require very early registration to ensure our judges are able to attend. We may be unable to register your show if given insufficient notice.

Is there a registration fee?

A registration fee of $100 applies to every production entered for the Awards. We’ll invoice you for this amount following registration.

Are there any minimum season length requirements?

If you’re registering your production in the Community Theatre or Community Musical Theatre categories, your season must include at least 5 performances OR at least 2 performances that take place on separate weekends. This requirement doesn’t apply to the Professional Theatre category.


What do we need to provide for the judges?

We ask that you provide each judge with two tickets and a program. Judges will arrange their tickets through the contact person you identify when you register your show.

How do judges assess a show?

Judges refer to a set of Judging Guidelines that set out the eligibility criteria for each award and suggested assessment criteria. The current Judging Guidelines can be found here.

Can we talk to judges about productions?

No. We ask that you don’t engage the judges in conversations about your show or any other production registered in the category they assess. Please make sure your cast, director and other production team members are all aware of this so they don’t approach judges for feedback or to discuss other productions at any time.

Is there anything else we shouldn’t do?

Our judges prefer to be treated just like other audience members. We ask that you don’t seat them in a separate area or identify where they’re sitting with prominent signs.

How many judges will attend our production?

A minimum of three judges must assess each registered production, although we encourage all judges on the panel to attend if possible. Judges’ capacity to attend your show will partly depend on the length of your season and how early you register.


How does our production get nominated for awards?

Around the time your season commences we will send you a producer nomination form, which invites you to identify the people from your production that you’d like to nominate. The form lists the available awards and the eligibility criteria. The judging panel will refer to this form as they decide on the final nominees for each award, but they are free to consider anyone who has worked on your show, even if you don’t specifically nominate them.

Can we nominate more than one person for a particular award?

Where several individuals have contributed significantly to creative areas such as direction or design, you should nominate them all. You may nominate any number of people for performance awards, provided they each meet the award’s eligibility criteria. An exception is where two or more performers share a role (as distinct from a main performer and their understudy), in which case they are unable to be nominated for their shared performance.

Do we need to provide any supporting information?

If you nominate anyone for the Best Design – Set or Best Design – Costume awards, you must provide documentary evidence of their original design work. For set design, this could be set plans or photos of a set model. For costumes, you should provide drawings, sketches or a series of photos that confirms the costume has been originally designed and made for your production. If you nominate anyone for the Best New Writing award, you must provide us with a copy of the script in electronic format no later than four weeks after your final performance.

When will we know who the final nominees are?

We aim to announce the final nominees publicly four to six weeks prior to the Tasmanian Theatre Awards event, which is usually held in late February or early March. We’ll also email your production’s contact person directly if your show receives any nominations.

How many final nominees are there for each award?

The judging panels will generally select four final nominees for each award but may agree on additional nominees in exceptional circumstances. The judges may also decide on less than four final nominees if the number of eligible candidates is very small or they agree that an insufficient number of candidates demonstrated the required excellence or achievement.

Do we have to do anything if our production is nominated?

At the time we send you the producer nomination form, we’ll also ask you to provide electronic copies of your poster and program and a selection of on-stage photos. If your show receives nominations, we may request additional photos from you to highlight particular nominees or their work.